Spring-Inspired La-Di-Das

So, you will hardly ever find me without my iPod. (My mom gets mad at me for constantly wearing my headphones because I can never hear her when she says something. I think one time she threw something at me to get my attention….) But I am very fond of my wide variety of tunes. I find that one of the best things to do is to share my music with others! I always love it when I can get a friend hooked on a song. And I absolutely love getting music too. My friend just recently got me addicted to Lana Del Ray. She’s been on repeat all week and I think I may be getting a girl-crush on her… Anyway, I thought I’d share some tunes inspired by the (hopefully) upcoming springtime!

Spring La-Di-Das

Rangers- A Fine Frenzy

Yellow- Coldplay

Pony (It’s Okay)- Erin McCarley

Toes- Lights

Blame It On The Rain- He Is We

New Soul- Yael NaÏm

Cosmic Love- Florence + the Machine

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg

Refrain- Cady Groves

This Time- Carrie Underwood

I would love to know what your favorite spring songs are!

Hugs & Kisses,



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