Girl Rising

This really has nothing to do with my personal style but it does have something to do with something I consider so important.

School, to me, is something I hardly give a thought about. But in other countries, getting an education-especially for a girl- can be so difficult. They are more destined to be married off for money and make babies than to be educated. A few days ago, I saw the documentary, Girl Rising, which touches this issue perfectly. Girl Rising follows 11 girls who live in third world countries who struggle to get an education. What is the most inspiring thing is the power and determination of these girls, no matter the conditions. One would think that since it is the 21st Century, such unspeakable things don’t happen anymore! But these girls live in such horrible conditions- slums, human bondage, child marriage- yet they triumph over society’s ways.

This movie is playing until the end of the week (sorry I have not said anything sooner) in all Regal theaters. And I totally reccomend it. Sure, it made me cry in some parts but it is seriously one of the most inspiring 11 stories. If you do not have the time to see the movie, at least check out their website, which gives a brief overview of the girls. But, it’s such a beautiful movie, that I suggest that you really do see it!

So pack up your girl besties and head on to the movie theatre before the week ends!

Spread the word of the girl power!

Hugs & Kisses,




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