Sunday Best: Orange Lipstick

One of the best things is sharing some awesome style advice to my lovely friends. It’s honestly so touching when they come to me asking whether or not something looks good. Just recently, I convinced my friend to buy these pants (OMG so jealous!) which is like a huge step out of any high school girl’s comfort zone. Although I would like to say it was my amazing wisdom that convinced her (haha), peer pressure might have also had something to do with it….

 But for any fashionista, passing style wisdom to others can be a great mutual feeling!

So I decided to start a once-a-week post called Sunday Best. (Named after the lovely song by Augustana. It has no relevance except for the fact I love the song!) I’m not sure if anyone notices, but I try to put a conversational topic in each of my style posts; whether it be how to wear orange lipstick or where to find high heels. I love everyone’s comments but it’s always so nice when a fellow fashion blogger shares her advice to me. Anyway, this post will combine the best of the best comments in order to spread the style wisdom for all. Be sure to comment before Saturday night (Eastern Time for all of you lucky people who don’t live around here) in order to put your comment in the running!

Congratulations to this weeks Sunday Best!

orange lipstick

This Thursday, I mentioned how orange lipstick would look cool with my outfit. Unfortunately, I’m a little shy of putting big bold colors on my face. So, I asked my amazing bloggers of the world for some advice and here’s what I got:

Cassandra Dotzel of I Can’t Afford My Lifestyle says, “But about bright lipstick I think anyone can wear it, but there has to be the right balance”.

Marlen of Messages On A Napkin says, ” You should try baby steps and first just wear it at home so you can get used to it. I bought my shade from Wet n’Wild and it was only $1!”

Lorietta from Lorietta says, ” Everytime I buy a lipstick, I observe my natural color and I pick out a product with the same undertone”

Anna from Sweet Flirty Fashion advices, ” I think you should definitely try on the lipstick if you wanna get it right!”

I hope this helps anyone with the same problem-it has certainly helped me:)

Still want to leave some orange lipstick advice? Leave a comment below or here! I’d love to hear what your ideas!

Hugs & Kisses,



31 thoughts on “Sunday Best: Orange Lipstick

  1. Trying a bold lipcolour, like trying anything new, is scary – you’re breaking out of your comfort zone. But once you try it, you may find that you love it. I personally own several orange-toned lipsticks and I love them all! They key to wearing a bold lip colour is to keep the rest of your make-up very basic.

    • Thank you so much for your advice! It’s definitely Sunday Best worthy:) But yeah, I heard the pick one rule where you pick a feature on your face to flaunt and minimalize the rest of your makeup!

    • I’m sure you would look ammmazing in fuchsia and orange! I feel like I want to be more bold with my lip colors but I need to work up the confidence;P

  2. The style that you write make it really comfortable to read. And the template you use, wow. It is a really good combination. And I am wondering whats the name of the design you use?

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