California Girls Are Undeniable



I’m back, my loves! Did you miss me? Hahaha just kidding! Phew, what a week this has been. My summer vacation has kind of started-just a week left of testing. It’s weird because even though I’m done with school I can’t shake the feeling that I have to go to school tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the rest of freaking eternity. It’s kind of an awful feeling, actually. Hopefully, the feeling will fade once all this testing is over and the sun comes out. (Seriously, it’s been raining for a week! WHERE IS THE SUN?)

After this past week, I seriously needed some shopping therapy. So on Friday, I visited the mall and for some reason, walked into PacSun. I normally don’t visit PacSun due to my incredibly small wallet but it’s summery, Cali-vibe totally drew me in. And I found this lovely kimono-sweater-thing which has been on my Want-List for ages! Then I stumbled upon these ankle boots which have also been on my list forever. And for what? $6.55! Score one for this girl, right here! So I can finally cross these two must-haves off my summer-shopping list. How about you guys? What’s on your summer list this season? Are they the newest trends or something you’ve been itching to have for years? Personally, I want to find a reasonably priced floppy hat for my beach vacation this summer. Bringing in the Lana Del Ray vibes, here.

Anyway, thank you for bearing with me this week! It’s great to be back:)

Hugs & Kisses,


PS-Don’t mind the weird splotches of color all over my legs and hands. In a panic-y sort of state today, I was attempting to finish an art project… Oops;P



Outfit Details:

Sunnies: Charlotte Russe (Round glasses, also a summer want!)

Shirt: PacSun

Sweater: PacSun

Belt: Khols

Shorts: American Eagle

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Bracelets: Right Hand (Top-Bottom): Handmade, Boyfriend;) (My favorite ever teheh), Claire’s, Birthday. Left Hand: American Eagle, Australia Boutique, Handmade


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