Sunday (Monday) Best: Versatile Seasonal Pieces

The past week, I came up with the topic of switching seasonal pieces. Like wearing summer clothes during the winter and winter clothes during the summer. In my post, I wore a skirt that I usually put away for the summer but by pairing it with a cute crochet shirt-I could easily wear it in the warmer weather! So, I asked you what seasonal pieces you switched and how you wore them.

Here are the Sunday (Or Monday) Best:

Georgina from Short and Sweet says: I always wear skirts or dresses in the summer (can’t really wear shorts) and this year I’ve been constantly wearing my cropped denim jacket

I agree completely! I feel like denim jackets can always make an outfit casual and perfect for spring and summer! Plus, cropped jackets have a flattering effect to dwindle (is that even a word?) your wasit.

Imke from Admirably Pretty says: And yeah, I do wear my winter stuff during the summer. I even wear leather shorts & leather skirts during summer because I can’t miss them.

I think that leather jackets are too hot for summertime. But leather shorts or skirts add an edgy look to an outfit without you sweating up a storm if it’s a hot day.

And Niki from Hey Niki commented by saying: I usually do the other way around…wearing summer dresses in the winter! Just to bring a little life back into the cold weather, but of course I have to wear tights and sweaters with them

I love wearing floral dresses all year! A floral dress can easily be worn for the summertime or by adding a jacket, sweater, and/or tights it’s perfect to “bring back a little life” into the the dead of winter!

Thank you for this week’s Best! Remember to comment before Saturday night for your comment to be put into the running:) And still have advice for Versatile Seasonal Pieces? Comment below-I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Have an amazing week:)

Hugs & Kisses,


Ps-Sorry for no media! I’m not sure what pictures to add to these kinds of posts? Any ideas?:)


10 thoughts on “Sunday (Monday) Best: Versatile Seasonal Pieces

  1. This is what I’ve been trying to do lately. This winter I think I’m much more successful at wearing my summer dresses but with cardigans.

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