Nailing It: Watermelon


I have a secret. I cannot remember the last time I tried to do my nails and didn’t ruin them. Even the few times I’ve gotten a manicure, I always manage to smudge a pinky or thumb nail. It’s pretty bad. I just can’t deal with sitting still without doing something with my hands. Whether it’s sending a text message, eating, or typing something on the computer… These hands will not stay still for the appropriate amount of time needed for nail polish to dry.

This summer, a goal is to try to master a manicure without screwing it up. I’ve been looking up cute nail art online and there are so many different things I want to try! For starters, I thought I’d try this delicious watermelon design. It literally took an hour but I think it’s pretty cute:) My only suggestion is to do this with longer nails so you can add a nice little curve for the green rind. Expect to see this again sometime later in the summer… with longer nails.

Have a great week!

Hugs & Kisses,




17 thoughts on “Nailing It: Watermelon

  1. First of all… I LOVE your post’s title, lol! And your nails look so cute! I am horrible, just horrible at painting my nails, so I don’t know that I could accomplish this look but I would love to! It is just so perfect for summer!

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