A Little Reminder


A year ago, one of the saddest events of my lifetime occurred. While it wasn’t as personal as it was for someone I love with all my heart, it was still heart wrenching. You hear about the tragedies of life through the pasts of others although you feel untouched by the sorrow tragedy brings. It’s almost like looking through a window of innocence. But once that window is shattered, the world loses its magic and purity and you are no longer shielded from the treacherousness of life. The world  becomes a darker place.

But the world is not entirely blinded by the evils. Once loss of love has been experienced, the littlest things become the most precious pieces of light and to be cherished within your heart. A shooting star, a loving gaze, the sound of a shared laughter. These things, this love… It makes life worth living.

So, fill your world with memories that bring will bring a smile upon your face. Surround yourself with people who warm your heart and make you feel at home. And live and love life.

Hugs & Kisses,



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