I <3 My Bike

Bike Dungarees 3.jpg Shirt Yellow Sunglasses Pink Converse

Bike Dungarees 5 .jpg Yellow Shirt Sunglasses Pink Converse

I absolutely love blogging. But the one thing I dread… D.R.E.A.D. is taking pictures of myself. There’s just something about it that I feel like people will totally and most certainly judge me for. That’s why you’ll find most of my pictures in the safe and covert whereabouts of my backyard.

Today, I thought I’d try the front yard out even though it loses the privacy the backyard bears. I open my front door and peek around my house and down my street. Woo… no one getting in or out of their cars, driving by, or hanging out in their lawns. “Okay, I’m good,” I tell myself. I set down my tripod camera and start shooting away… doing my usual poses which probably makes me look ridiculous from an outside viewer. ( Especially today, where I was feeling extra goofy.)

Then all of a sudden, I hear the sound of a loud groaning coming closer and closer to my photo shoot. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my next door neighbor with the lawn mower coming around the corner of the side yard.

“Crap! Crap! Crap!” I panic and take off toward the safety of other side of the house…. Leaving my poor camera and tripod behind as it snaps away pictures of nothing.  Aside from my abandoned camera, I see him mowing the edges of my front lawn. I contemplate staking out there until the job was done but I couldn’t just leave my camera behind. For some reason, I had no desire to walk around to the front again so I took the long way. The long way meaning almost scaling the fence into my backyard and through the house.  Thankfully, I was wearing my trusty high tops. Stealthily, I grabbed my camera when his back was to me and ran back into the house.

Pictures could wait for a bit, I guess.

Bike Dungarees 7 .jpg Yellow Shirt Sunglasses Pink Converse

Bike Dungarees 10.jpg Yellow Shirt Sunglasses Pink Converse

Bike Dungarees 11 .jpg Yellow Shirt Sunglasses Pink Converse

Speaking of next door neighbors… I got this “I ❤ My Bike” shirt from the lawn mower’s sister. I’ve known her since I was in elementary school and our families are very close. Last year, she was cleaning out her closet. Now, let me tell you how much of an excitement this was for me. She has some of the cutest stuff ever. So when I found out about her giveaway, I basically pounced on her piles of clothes. And now, my closest is like half full with her stuff, including this “I ❤ My Bike” shirt which I had totally been eyeing from afar. I guess this is perks of being short. You get all your friend’s old clothing for FREE.

Hugs & Kisses,


Bike Dungarees 2.jpg Yellow Shirt Sunglasses Pink Shirt Running

Me running away… Run! Get away from the scary lawn mower -__-

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71 thoughts on “I <3 My Bike

  1. Hahaha love this story, I know your feeling! I don’t care when my love or my sister are taking the photos that others can see, but it’s something else when you’re taking them yourself huh? Love that last picture!

    And your outfit is really pretty, it suits you well!

    XO Imke

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