The Beginning Of The End

September 2007 and I'm starting my first day of school with my sparkly pink lunchbox and Hello Kitty backpack!

September 2007 and I’m starting my first day of school with my sparkly pink lunchbox and Hello Kitty backpack!

Eleven years ago, I was beginning my first day of first grade.  It’s crazy how those last 11 years have flown by. So many things have changed. So many amazing people have walked into my life. As a little 7 year old girl, starting my first day of elementary school, I never would have thought I would become the person I am today. Over the past decade and a bit, I’ve achieved so much for my life. I’m an honors student who has taken countless advanced courses. I’ve discovered my passion for learning and loving. It’s been an amazing life so far with so many amazing experiences.

Today, I start my last year in school and I can’t wait for what this year will bring. Even in the past few years, I’ve learned so much about myself and about the world. There may have been dark times of struggle but there certainly have been great times too. These memories I will cherish forever.

So, I send my gratitude for my school experience which as not only taught me lessons on math and science but lessons on life. And let me tell you, I’m so ready for a kick-ass year. And it’s going to be one I will never forget.

Hugs & Kisses,


Senior Year Olive Skirt Pink Lace Top Wedge Heels Sparkly Headband

My last First Day of School

Also, shout out to Lorietta for her amazing make up post: My Everyday Makeup Routine. A little bit ago, I had sent her an email asking her for makeup tips. I was expecting a nice email back with how she applies her makeup but not a POST! My goodness, she’s such a sweetie. Thank you, darling:) Anyway, after I read her post, I tried her eye makeup routine and I’d like to say it was a success! (You can’t really see it in this picture but I did, I swear!) So, a thousand thank yous again and be sure to check out her post:)


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