Bows & Boulevards

Why hello!

No, I have not dropped off the face of the planet. Yes, I’m alive. (Although barely). Unfortunately, life has taken ahold of me and blogging has had to be put to the side. I’ve finally applied to college (WOO!) and hopefully, I’ll be getting some acceptance letters soon. But, that’s not the exciting news I’ve come to share with everyone.

My news is I will no longer be blogging on An Itty Bitty Ditty anymore. But don’t worry! I’ll still be blogging but with Blogger on Bows & Boulevards. It took a lot of thought but I really didn’t like the restrictions on and I really don’t have the time right now to be learning CSS and HTML on Soooo… I switched over! But, I’m going to give you a good list of why Bows & Boulevards will be like ten times better than An Itty Bitty Ditty….

  1. It looks pretty generic right now but I’m seriously planning on investing on a great theme during the Christmas season. Finally, my blog appearance will hopefully reflect the content!
  2. I recieved a DSRL for my birthday (thank you Ry) and am learning some photography skills
  3. I also have an iPhone so it’ll be easier to communicate
  4. iPhone=Instagram (follow follow)
  5. And lastly, it’s a-freaking-lot easier to say. I mean, say Itty Bitty Ditty ten times. I dare you.

Anyway, I better see ALL OF YOU on Bows & Boulevards because I miss hearing from everyone 🙂

Hugs & Kisses,

Olivia Check it out!

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