In Need of Blogging Assistance

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So in April, I began blogging at Itty Bitty Dittys. It was only supposed to be a little hobby to help me pass the time of junior year boredom and to share my style with others. But now… It’s become more than that! And I would like to expand my blog to something more personal than just a simple type-thang.

Currently, I use a free blog on I don’t have my own domain and I have to use one of their generated templates. And it sucks. I would love to have a personalized template to match my blog but that means that I would need to switch over to a different platform such as or or some other kinds. But that…costs money. To have a web host, your own domain, and a cutesy theme…. Ahh the costs are piling up! And I’m not sure whether or not if it is worth the investment or which stuff (domain, templates, etc) are worth it in the long run?

So what are your thoughts, my fellow bloggers? I know that some of you have your own domain and you have great templates. What did you invest into your blog? Which platforms are good to use (preferably for me… cheap is good!)? Any tips into this transition?:)

Thank you so much for your lovely advice!

Hugs & Kisses,